about me

Associate Research Scientist, Computer Science, Columbia University. Curriculum Vitae

I am an Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University. Prior to joining Columbia University, I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Computer Science, Purdue University. I got my Ph.D. in College of Information Sciences and Technology (with computer science background), Pennsylvania State University, University Park, under the supervision of Prof. Vasant Honavar. My Ph.D. study is focused on causal discovery in relational domain. Currently, I am working on developing methods for applying causality in sequential decision-making (e.g., bandit or reinforcement learning) and developing theory of causal effect identifiability and transportability.


  • (Aug 2020) Invited talk at CSE AIGS, POSTECH, South Korea
  • (Jun 2020) A paper on identifiability with partial-observability is accepted at ICML’20.
  • (Feb 2020) Attended AAAI’20 to present general identifiability and transportability papers.
  • (Nov 2019) A paper on transportability is accepted at AAAI’20 (oral). Additionally, the GID paper is also invited to a sister track (oral).
  • (Jul 2019) I am thrilled to announce that my paper on general identifiability won the best paper award at UAI’19.
  • (Jul 2019) I am joining Columbia University as an Associate Research Scientist!
  • (May 2019) Two papers are accepted at UAI’19.
  • (Apr 2019) Invited talk at ISysE, KAIST, South Korea
  • (Oct 2018) A paper is accepted at AAAI’19 (aloha!).
  • (Sep 2018) My paper (with Prof. Bareinboim) is accepted at NIPS’18.
  • (Apr 2018) I am now a postdoc at Purdue with Prof. Bareinboim.
  • (Jan 2018) I successfully defended my PhD dissertation.
  • (Aug 2017) I presented my papers at UAI 2017 and Causality Workshop@UAI, Sydney.
  • (Jun 2017) Two papers are accepted at UAI 2017.